Quagga is one of the subspecies of plains zebra which has been extinct from the Universe. Once it was found in a plentiful number in South Africa’s Cape Province and in the Southern part of the Orange Free state. This strange creature is very unique in compare with the other species of zebra regarding their look. The zebra like mark is vivid only at the initial part of their body. The usual stripes are vivid at the front part of their body but in the mid section the stripes become fades away. This mysterious creature is 275 cm long and from shoulder it is 125-135 cm tall. This creature look zebra like from the front but from the back this creature look like a horse. This specimen of quagga was vanished from the Universe during 1872. The last alive specimen of this captive species was in the Amsterdam’s Natura Artis Magistra zoo but this species was died in 12 August 1883. But the cause of death was unknown. The London specimen was died in 1872 and the Berlin specimen was died in 1875.  Quagga is the first extinct creature which have the DNA studies.



ImageBirds are no doubt a great creation of the world. Birds have different kinds of colorful wings and feathers. They generally utilize their colorful feathers during the meeting time. Peacock is the best example of this behavior. This kind of attracting behavior is also seen in Amazonian Royal Flycatcher.

This bird is equally very impressive according to its colorful feathers. The Latin name of this amazing bird is Onychorhynchus coronatus coronatus.The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher is very small in size. It is about six and half inches in length (16.5 cm). These cute birds are generally found at the Amazon jungle of South America and this is because of giving such name to this beautiful bird. While most bird species displays vibrant color during their sex mostly the male birds. But both the Amazonian Royal Flycatchers display their colorful feathers at the top of their head. While the female have usually the yellow color, male have the fiery orange red color.