2013 Projects: 365 Days, 52 Weeks

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Many of you use WordPress.com as a daily or weekly outlet to develop your craft (as seen in our popular writing and photography challenges on The Daily Post), or as a platform to chronicle your own post-a-day and year-long projects. Some projects are ongoing from year to year, while others have defined start and end points. It all depends on your project’s focus and scope, and your interests and timeframe.

Before we say hello to 2014, let’s take a quick peek at some blogging projects you worked on in 2013.

365 days

365 Days of Bacon was born on January 1, 2013, as a sort of anti-New Year’s resolution; the blogger wanted to focus on her obsession with bacon and give it the love it deserves:

Blogging about bacon everyday, and making a lot of tasty bacon recipes? Now that was a New Year’s resolution I could…

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Get your new blog off to a great start (Hint: we can help!)

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Publishing a blog can be tons of fun, and a great way to make friends and create opportunities. Starting one couldn’t be easier: sign up, pick a theme, and off you go. But maintaining one and building an audience? That takes a little more work — publishing regularly and engaging with the rest of the blogging community.

To make sticking to your 2014 blogging resolution easy and fun, we’re introducing a way to stay on top of your blogging goals. Whether you’re a brand-new blogger looking to make a splash, hope to return to a tumbleweed-strewn site you started long ago, or just want to introduce a little regularity to your blog, we’re here to help you get there.

Now, when you register a new blog, you’ll be able to pick a posting goal of weekly or monthly:

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 5.52.03 AM

If you’ve already got a blog, you can head to your account…

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3, 2, 1… BLOG! Zero to Hero starts now

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The Zero to Hero 30-Day Blog Challenge starts… wait for it… now!

Your first task is up on the main Zero to Hero page, along with some helpful resources and a link to our first forum thread, where you can chat with other challenge participants. You can also tag published posts with zerotohero to make it easy for us to find one another — after all, blogging isn’t just about you, it’s about community.

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Add That Personal Touch to Your Blog with a Custom Header

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Headers PanelOne of the best free customization tools on WordPress.com is the ability to upload a custom header image. Using a custom header is a great way to showcase your style and personality on your blog.

When readers visit your blog, its header is what pops out first and introduces visitors to your site and your content. That header image plays a huge part in your blog’s first impression, and now you can live preview custom header images as soon as you upload them.

Experiment by uploading header images in the Appearance → Customize → Header area. The new preview feature helps you to choose the header that best matches your site’s style and design.

To learn more, see the support page on uploading a custom header image.

Color matching for headers

If you’ve purchased the Custom Design upgrade, you can generate a color palette to match your header…

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The Low Down on Vapor in the Lungs


Once again we find ourselves listening to the same, tired, repetitive tripe vomiting violently out of the mouths of ANTZ (Anti-Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots).  It generally goes something like this, “There still haven’t been any serious studies on the health effects of electronic cigarettes.”  This statement has been repeated like a broken record, like a broken record, like a broken record, like a… ehem… for about seven years now.  The actual level of ignorance present in this asinine statement, backed by all of the intimidating power of ulterior motives and corrupt special interests, is tantamount to me telling everyone I come across, in a self-assured, arrogant tone of voice, that nobody really knows yet whether or not Penicillin is effective.  The actual, real truth behind this phenomenon is that there have been more scientific studies, laboratory analyses, surveys, and medical professional opinion journal writings than you can shake a stick…

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ImageBirds are no doubt a great creation of the world. Birds have different kinds of colorful wings and feathers. They generally utilize their colorful feathers during the meeting time. Peacock is the best example of this behavior. This kind of attracting behavior is also seen in Amazonian Royal Flycatcher.

This bird is equally very impressive according to its colorful feathers. The Latin name of this amazing bird is Onychorhynchus coronatus coronatus.The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher is very small in size. It is about six and half inches in length (16.5 cm). These cute birds are generally found at the Amazon jungle of South America and this is because of giving such name to this beautiful bird. While most bird species displays vibrant color during their sex mostly the male birds. But both the Amazonian Royal Flycatchers display their colorful feathers at the top of their head. While the female have usually the yellow color, male have the fiery orange red color.


The Roloway Monkey is the ancient species of Old World Monkey. This endangered monkey is generally found in Cote dlvoire and also at the forest of Ghana.
The Guenons species and the Roloway monkey are of similar kind but the Roloway monkey has lengthy beard. This strange monkey’s coat and face are chiefly black. But the throat and the interior part of the monkey are white in color. Its haunches and back are of orange color.