Humpback whales are the cosmopolitan whale which couldbe found in almost all the great Ocean of the world. During the

breeding season they migrates a long way of about 2500 kilometer. Whales are normally as long as 16 meter in length and their height is of 2-3 meter. An adult Humpback whale could be 25to 30 tons in weight.


In the recent year the population of Humpback whale is gradually decreasing. The population of Humpback Whale has been rebounded 18000 to 20000 according to a study. At least 3000-5000 whale are available in the Southeast Alaska and northern British Columbia but in Southern BC and in Washington its population is very meagre of 200-400 whales.

Their breeding is very seasonal. Calf took born in December. During the meeting season, the the male sings a long and hard song to attract the female whale. They also fight with other male whale to get the chance of meeting. The newly born calves remain stick to their mother still the age of one year. Their mother give nurse them and feed them 45 kg milk which has 45% to 60% fat content, in a day.

Humpback whale are in great danger in the modern age due to the attack of the black sale and

due to collision with the vessel.

Humpback whale can easily be identified by their stocky body. Humpback whale eats different variety of schooling fish. One single Humpback whale can eat 1361 kg food in a day.

These creatures are in great danger due to the whaling industry. At least 100000 Humpback whale were killed in thenorthern hemisphere between 1900 to 1940.



Milly world’s shortest dog. She has been given the title of the world’s smallest dog according to the Guinness Book OF World 12th September 2013. Her height has been measured 3.8 inches from the ground. Her weight has been measured less than ounce.

2)smallest fish of the world

The world’s smallest fish has been discovered from the island of Sumatra of Indonesia. This smallest fish has been measure as 7.5mm or 3 inches in length. This fish has came from carp family of the Paedocypris progenetica.


Thumbelina which has the height of 17 inches or 43.18 cm tall, is the world’s smallest horse. This the five years old horse.This horse was produced at the Goessling of Paul and Key who are specialized for miniature horse breeding.


Peebles is the world’s smallest cat. It has the height of 15.5 cm(6.1 inch) and the cat is the 49 cm long. Mr. Peebles is the world’s shortest cat according to the Guinness Book Of World in 2013.


The world’s smallest and cutest Hamster is Peewee which has the height of 2.5 cm. This rat is just bigger than the 50 piece. Its weight was less than an ounce.

6)the world’s smallest Chameleon

The Brookesia Minima which was found at the rain forest of the Nosy Be island of the North east coast of Madagascar, is the world’s smallest Chameleon. Its length is just half an inch. Its exact length is 1.2 cm or 0.5 inch. The male Chameleon are tend to be smaller in compare with the female one.

7)worlds’ smallest Lizard

Sphaerodactylus ariasae is the worlds’ smallest Lizard. It has the length of 16 mm or 0.6 inch.

8)world’s smallest cattle

The Indian Zebu which is called the Vechur Cow, is the world’s smallest cattle. The average height of a adult species is 31 to 35 inches or 81 to 91 cm. Vechur cow are in the edge of extinction. Nearly 200 Vechur cow are now alive in the world.

9)world’s smallest seahorse

Hippocampus denise is the world’s smallest seahorse which is less than a fingernail. Its height is 16 mm and few seahorse have 13 mm length.

10)smallest snake of the world

Leptotyphlops carlec is the smallest snake of the world. The adults snake could be the four inches in length. These creature could be found in the Barbados island. This snake was found under a rock on the western Atlantic island of Barbados.

11)smallest monkey of the world

The Pygmy Marmoset is the smallest monkey of the world. The average weight of these monkey is 4 ounce. Without including the tail the are generally 5 inches long which is their average growth. It will be very hard to watch them by an observer. As they are very tinny in shape, there might be a chance to be a victim of birds. These monkey generally find to reside at the rain forest of Amazon, Brazil, Peru etc. These monkeys live at the top branches of the tree. They also can jump at a short distance of 16 ft. 

12)world’s shortest man

Chandra Bahadur Dangi who live in Nepal, is the world’s shortest man. His height has been measured 54.6 cm (21.5). Biting the record of Gul Muhammad(57 CM) of India, Chandra Bahadur Dangi became able to input his name in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD. He live at the remote Nepalese village Rhimkholi. His age is now 73 years. His weight is 14.5 kg.

13)world’s shortest woman

Jyoti Amge who live in Nagpur in India, is the world’s shortest woman as the GUINNESS BOOK OF THE WORLD 2014. She is only 25 cm tall.But the most astonishing thing is that she is taller than the world’s smallest man. During her birth she was only 3 pounds and now she only 12 pounds.


The Irish giant deer was the biggest deer the world ever seen. This deer was thought to be remained alive during the late Pleistocene and early Holocene age. This strange deer resided in Eurasia from Ireland at the Eastern Baikal Lake. This mysterious deer was very famous for its huge size. This giant deer was about 2.1 meter or 7 feet tall at the shoulder and its approximate weight was 90 pound. But the most astonishing thing was its long branched horns which are called antlers. Its antler were 12 feet from tip to tip. This strange species had been extinct from the Universe  before 5700 B.C. Main discussion generally goes on not depending on their huge body but on their large antlers.


Quagga is one of the subspecies of plains zebra which has been extinct from the Universe. Once it was found in a plentiful number in South Africa’s Cape Province and in the Southern part of the Orange Free state. This strange creature is very unique in compare with the other species of zebra regarding their look. The zebra like mark is vivid only at the initial part of their body. The usual stripes are vivid at the front part of their body but in the mid section the stripes become fades away. This mysterious creature is 275 cm long and from shoulder it is 125-135 cm tall. This creature look zebra like from the front but from the back this creature look like a horse. This specimen of quagga was vanished from the Universe during 1872. The last alive specimen of this captive species was in the Amsterdam’s Natura Artis Magistra zoo but this species was died in 12 August 1883. But the cause of death was unknown. The London specimen was died in 1872 and the Berlin specimen was died in 1875.  Quagga is the first extinct creature which have the DNA studies.


The Roloway Monkey is the ancient species of Old World Monkey. This endangered monkey is generally found in Cote dlvoire and also at the forest of Ghana.
The Guenons species and the Roloway monkey are of similar kind but the Roloway monkey has lengthy beard. This strange monkey’s coat and face are chiefly black. But the throat and the interior part of the monkey are white in color. Its haunches and back are of orange color.


The Mexican Axolotls is a kind of salamander. This cute endangered species spends its complete life in larval form. This strange creature mainly found in Mexico’s Lake Xochimilco. It generally spends its life underwater. This creature looks bizarre. This is a very popular species of salamander and it is kept in labs of school and college. But this little creature has a special quality of generating its own body part.